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Our Vision

All of our portable hyperbaric models available in Australia are customised to your needs and health requirements. Beware of overseas copies and imitations – they are often unsafe and hence come with no warranties! Most importantly, they are just airbags with compressed air pumped into them combined with a small oxygen concentrator that isn’t powerful enough for you to get the oxygen you require inside the chamber itself. If you want results – don’t compromise on quality!

Our models of portable hyperbaric chambers are the culmination of years of exhaustive research and development by the finest minds in the hyperbaric engineering industry.

Our Portable Hyperbaric Chambers includes a range of features that go above and beyond anything else offered worldwide. Melbourne residents benefit from all these innovations, yet the machine itself is reasonably priced.

Our vision is to see this technology used in the comfort of people’s homes without expensive running and ongoing operating costs.

Hyperbaric Chambers are now affordable and portable!

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Key features of the Salus36

  • Delivers 95%+ Oxygen under pressure via a facemask
  • 2-person hyperbaric chamber
  • Seams are heat welded – no toxic glues are used
  • Unique 2-zipper seal for oxygen leak prevention
  • Prevents carbon dioxide build-ups and filtrates pollutants
  • Delivers safe and effective Oxygen at industry leading 1.35 ATA
  • 5 Large viewing windows and an on board air dehumidifier
  • Internal steel frame and LED light inside
  • Intercom facilities inside the chamber and an oximeter to measure blood O2 levels
  • Carry bag
  • FREE shipping to your door



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Safety comes standard

Our Salus36 Portable Hyperbaric Chambers deliver oxygen at a safe and effective 1.35 ATA. With external and internal gauges, it’s easy to see what pressure the chamber is operating at.

All of our chambers have 3 emergency exits that can be controlled by the user inside the chamber to safely exit the chamber quickly.

Our two efficient compressors deliver 110L of air per minute into the chamber. Hyperbaric Chambers offers the only hyperbaric chamber that comes complete with carbon removing capabilities as a standard feature. This is SO important if you don’t want to poison yourself with carbon monoxide.

We are the only portable hyperbaric chamber available worldwide with these safety mechanisms installed. The inbuilt oxygen concentrator allows it to deliver upwards of 5L or 10L of 95 to 97% oxygen per minute, making it an industry leader.

All of our chambers are manufactured using the best available engineering. The chamber itself is made from medical grade thermo plastic polyurethane and the joins are heat welded with NO TOXIC glues used.

If you require results – don’t compromise on quality and price. Call us now to find out how we can manufacture your very own chamber.

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Salus36 – The Chamber


  • Dimensions: 225cm(89In.) x 90cm(36In.)
  • Weight: 13Kg.
  • Chamber material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Material joins are heat welded
  • Anti-Roll stabilisers
  • 1.3ATA/ 4.3 psi operating pressure – safe for home use
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • After sales customer support
  • Certificate: BV, CE, ISO13485



Salus36 – The Operating Unit

  • Weight 85Kg
  • 2 x clean air compressors— new technology – intake filters with activated carbon filtration
  • On board air dehumidifier unit
  • Voltage:110/220V Air Flow: 110L/Minute, Power: 550W – High efficiency in-line filtration system—filters to microns
  • 2 x Air Compressors: ;
    Noise:50db (A)
  • Oxygen Concentrator: ;
    Oxygen Percentage: 90 to 97%;
    Flow: 5L/Minute;
    Working Pressure: 50Kpa


What you should know before buying.

We are the only company in Australia that provides portable hyperbaric chambers. All overseas manufacturers of portable hyperbaric chambers DO NOT provide warranties outside of the country of origin. So that means if you decide to purchase one and it fails (as its not designed for Australian conditions or electrical standards, amongst a myriad of other safety requirements) you will be left with a useless chamber that you cannot do anything with! In fact, we have many people each month contacting us asking for help with the overseas chamber they have purchased online, and of course we are unable to help them. Remember, if you want to be safe and get results – DON’T RISK IT!

Australia portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturerIf you want to deal with an Australian company, have the protection of our industry-leading 3-year warranty and simply want the best chamber money can buy, look no further.

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