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The Eclipse™ Elite

Personal Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

More Oxygen… More Power… More Results.

Key features of the Eclipse™ Elite

  • Delivers 95%+ Oxygen under pressure via a facemask
  • 2-person hyperbaric chamber
  • Seams are heat welded – no toxic glues are used
  • Unique 2-zipper seal for oxygen leak prevention
  • Prevents carbon dioxide build-ups and filtrates pollutants
  • Delivers safe and effective Oxygen at industry leading 1.35 ATA
  • 5 Large viewing windows and an on board air dehumidifier
  • Internal steel frame and LED light inside
  • Intercom facilities inside the chamber and an oximeter to measure blood O2 levels

  • A Whole New Design Concept
  • Space Age Technology Onboard
  • 2 Person Chamber
  • Next Level O2 Delivery
  • Free Delivery

Our vision is to be able to make available the advanced science of hyperbaric oxygen to the Australian population. Previously, hyperbaric chambers have been very expensive and impossible to be used outside a purpose-built hyperbaric medical facility in a hospital. Our vision is to see everybody have access to a hyperbaric chamber that is able to be used in the comfort of your own home.

Beware of overseas copies, imitations and second hand chambers – they are often unsafe and hence come with no warranties! Most importantly, they are just airbags with compressed air pumped into them combined with a small oxygen concentrator that isn’t powerful enough for you to get the oxygen you require inside the chamber itself. If you want results – don’t compromise on quality!

The Eclipse Elite™ portable hyperbaric chamber is the culmination of years of exhaustive research and development by the finest minds in the hyperbaric engineering industry.

Why Is The Eclipse™ Elite The Best & Safest Portable Hyperbaric Chamber In The World?

We get asked this a lot! Basically, it comes down how it is made combined with the numerous safety features that come standard. When our Managing Director initially designed and manufactured the very first Eclipse™ Elite for his brain injured son 8 years ago, safety and fast results were at the absolute forefront of his mind for obvious reasons.


The Eclipse™ Elite is equipped with the following operational and safety mechanisms: –


Mainframe Central Processing Unit

The Eclipse™ Elite CPU is an onboard computer system which is the brain of the unit.  Its mainframe performs the following in real time when the unit when in operation: –

It measures live oxygen saturation levels inside the capsule and the outside environment of the Eclipse™ Elite through many extensive real time mathematical formulations to provide the user with a safe nontoxic oxygen environment. Carbon dioxide buildup inside a confined space such as a hyperbaric chamber is a very real threat to long term health. Unfortunately, the main reason most users of portable hyperbaric chambers other than the Eclipse™ Elite are sabotaging and slowing their results due to this single thing.

Also it controls the purity of 97% pure oxygen being delivered into the chamber. As the Eclipse™ Elite comes with our own manufactured and specifically designed oxygen concentration system, the CPU is able to Annalise the external oxygen concentration which should be at 21%. O2. This can differ greatly depending on location, air quality, air pollutants and purity etc. The CPU automatically adjusts this to make available the best and most pure 97% oxygen available to you inside the chamber via the provided face mask. And it does this in milliseconds.

The Eclipse™ Elite regulates internal and external humidity levels. Increased humidity inside the chamber capsule and the operating units can cause major damage to moving parts and electrical componentry which can become a fire hazard. As compressed air combined with increased 02 concentrations is always warmer than normal sea level air, the temperature inside a portable hyperbaric chamber becomes so hot and almost unbearable to use unless internal temperatures are controlled.


Regenerative Polymer Carbon Dioxide removal system (RPDC)


Weird name but if your chamber doesn’t have it, you’re in BIG trouble! Without getting into the physics and engineering too much, a carbon scrubber basically removes all the carbon (bad stuff) from the chamber. Without it you risk carbon dioxide buildup which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which causes brain injuries and even death!

The regenerative Polymer carbon dioxide removal system (RPDC) is very similar that what is installed on the space shuttle orbiter. We use a two-bed system that provided continuous removal of carbon dioxide without any expendable byproducts. These regenerable systems allowed a shuttle mission to stay longer in space without having to replenish its sorbent canisters. Older lithium hydroxide (LiOH)-based systems or “heap air filtration filters”, which are non-regenerable, were replaced by regenerable metal-oxide-based systems 9 years ago because of this main flaw in design and operation.

We are the world’s only manufacturers of hyperbaric chambers that have a Carbon Dioxide removal system that comes as standard. Your safety is paramount to us. Accept nothing less for your health!


ERV’s – Emergency release valves

The Eclipse™ Elite has 3 emergency shut off valves installed that once activated will depressurize the chamber in under 20 seconds!


Instant Shut OFF

Should at any time, the main power be cut to the Eclipse™ Elite, it has been designed that the chamber to not be 100% air tight meaning natural air flow will still come inside the capsule of the chamber allowing you to breathe until you engage the main exit valve to exit the chamber safely.

We are the ONLY manufacturer in the world of portable hyperbaric chambers that have ANY of these safety features installed. It still boggles our minds that people would still risk their own lived and loved one’s health and sabotage their health gains in an inferior chamber!

Manufacturing Processes …

it’s what stands us apart!


At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China, we have been producing the largest amount of premium portable hyperbaric chambers for people from all around the world. For over 10 years we have led the world in hyperbaric engineering and manufacturing processes. The facility has produced over 30,000 portable hyperbaric chambers for our happy customers worldwide. We lead the world in warranties for our range of chambers with a 3-year parts and manufacturing warranty held by our Australian brother company. We are able to do this due to out superior processes and premium quality materials and technology that are used in all of our chambers.

The Eclipse™ Elite is made with extra strong thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that has an industry-leading thickness to prevent any tearing or undesirable explosions. Some companies produce their chambers with PVC plastics, which aren’t the strongest material available, and to save costs, they make the PVC material extra thin which explains why only 1-2 year warranties are provided in their country of manufacture.

The TPU is then cut on our computer controlled laser-cutting machine so each chamber joint is perfect, every time. This is imperative because if there are any slight imperfections in cutting of the TPU chamber material, the joins will be susceptible to breakage and can come apart after use.

Our oil-free compressors are designed and made by us to withstand continual use and operate at minimum sound volume. In fact, you can use our portable hyperbaric chambers in your spare room, study, lounge room etc. without any distractions to others.

Our oxygen concentrators have been designed to convert the air we breathe at 21% into 90 to 97% pure oxygen and send it into the chambers in the right hyperbaric conditions. You are able to control the amount of oxygen flow from 1L per minute right up to 10L per minute, depending on the model of portable hyperbaric chamber you choose. Our Eclipse™ Elite comes standard with carbon scrubbers. A carbon dioxide scrubber is designed to absorb carbon dioxide (Co2). This is a very, very important piece of technology that must be installed in every enclosed space (i.e. chamber) to prevent carbon dioxide and monoxide build-up inside. These gases can kill. Our portable hyperbaric chamber is the ONLY chamber in the world that has this installed as standard.

Each one of portable hyperbaric chambers is thoroughly quality inspected, tested and operated for 96 hours by our quality control team as soon as it comes off the factory line. When you receive delivery of your portable hyperbaric chamber, you will have peace of mind knowing that it will work perfectly and keep on working for years to come.


Eclipse™ Elite -The Specs

The Chamber

Dimensions: 225cm(89In.) x 90cm(36In.)

Weight: 13Kg.

Chamber material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Material joins are heat welded

Anti-Roll stabilisers

1.3ATA/ 4.3 psi operating pressure – safe for home use

3 year manufacturer’s warranty

After sales customer support

Certificate: BV, CE, ISO13485

The Operating Unit

Weight 85Kg

2 x clean air compressors— new technology – intake filters with activated carbon filtration

On board air dehumidifier unit

Voltage:110/220V Air Flow: 110L/Minute, Power: 550W 

2 x Air Compressors: 
Noise:50db (A)

Oxygen Concentrator: ;
Oxygen Percentage: 90 to 97%
Flow: 5L/Minute
Working Pressure: 50Kpa

Safety Comes First

Our Eclipse Elite Portable Hyperbaric Chambers deliver oxygen at a safe and effective 1.35 ATA. With BOTH external and internal gauges, it’s easy to see what pressure the chamber is operating at.

All of our chambers have 3 emergency exits that can be controlled by the user inside the chamber to safely exit the chamber quickly.
Our two efficient compressors deliver 110L of air per minute into the chamber.

Hyperbaric Chambers Australia offers the only hyperbaric chamber that comes complete with carbon removing capabilities as a standard feature. This is SO important if you don’t want to poison yourself with carbon monoxide.

We are the only portable hyperbaric chamber available worldwide with these safety mechanisms installed. The inbuilt oxygen concentrator allows it to deliver upwards of 5L or 10L of 95 to 97% oxygen per minute, making it an industry leader.
All of our chambers are manufactured using the best available engineering. The chamber itself is made from medical grade thermo plastic polyurethane and the joins are heat welded with NO TOXIC glues used.

If you require results – don’t compromise on quality and price. Call us now to find out how we can manufacture your very own chamber.

What You Need To Know.

We are the only company in Australia that provides portable hyperbaric chambers. All overseas manufacturers of portable hyperbaric chambers DO NOT provide warranties outside of the country of origin. So that means if you decide to purchase one and it fails (as its not designed for Australian conditions or electrical standards, amongst a myriad of other safety requirements) you will be left with a useless chamber that you cannot do anything with let alone get through customs! In fact, we have many people each month contacting us asking for help to repair these overseas chamber they have purchased online, and of course we are unable to help them. Remember, if you want to be safe and get results – DON’T RISK IT!

If you want to deal with an Australian company, have the protection of our industry-leading 3-year warranty and simply want the best chamber money can buy – The Eclipse™ Elite then look no further.